About microTetris

microTetris (or microTetris) is a simple and compact version of the popular game Tetris for those who want to play also when they should not.
It consists of an extremely compact window, featuring only the gaming area, and every action is keyboard driven.


  • 2006-09-28: released version 0.1
  • 2006-09-13: web site up



microTetris screenshot / 1
> microTetris with square size set to 3 pixels: so hard to find

microTetris screenshot / 2
> a closer look (real size)

microTetris screenshot / 3
> easier for your eyes: 10px squares (real size)



  • Compact window: even 20x40 pixel (if your sight is good enough)
  • Customizable: rows, columns, square size, spacing, colours, speed (editing the script)
  • Quick exit: just press Escape or Q, or switch to another application with Alt+Tab, the game will be automatically paused
  • Keyboard driven:
    • N: new game
    • Escape, Q: quit game
    • P: toggle pause
    • Left, Right arrows: move falling block left/right
    • Up arrow: rotate falling block
    • Down arrow: drop falling block to bottom


Download & install microTetris

Download this .py file and execute it with the command python microtetris.py

Download: microtetris.py, version 0.1, released 2006-09-28

Remember that microTetris needs Python, GTK+ >= 2.8, PyGTK >= 2.8 and Cairo. installed on your system.

Future plans

Here you are some ideas for the future of microTetris:
  • more information displayed (eg. paused, final score)
  • some score top10 system
  • settings, help, about dialogs
  • other? let me know


Feedback and support

For help, suggestions, critics and any other thing, please use the support forums at Sourceforge.net: http://sourceforge.net/forum/forum.php?forum_id=610553

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